Ready for the big start?

It is particularly important for us that our employees feel comfortable in their jobs and with their tasks.

Only those who are at peace with themselves and their own wishes, requirements and qualifications and who enjoy their work can do a good job.

We are always on the lookout for people who are full of ideas and passionate about making a difference. We are not looking for lone warriors or all-rounders. We see every individual as part of a successful team.

One thing we have learned: If you find it difficult to communicate offensively, even when you think it is trivial, it will be difficult for you to work for us. “Do good and talk about it” is very important to us.

Feel free to send us your documents as a speculative application. Maybe one of our job offers is interesting for you?

You can use our Identify values and want to create great things with enthusiasm?
Welcome to the GentlemenGroup!

Out of a duty of care to our committed ...

Application procedure

Your application process is taking longer than usual? In the graphic, we explain the things we want to know. It’s about finding out whether you can find your home in the GentlemenGroup and whether our GentleMen would like to have you around. Because we only have two things to lose: Our reputation and our committed people. We want to avoid that.

By the way, the order is not necessarily as it appears in the graphic. It can change, but the cell has the last word. And no “yes” is also a “no”.