Identity & Access Management

The GentlemenGroup Way

Data, processes and relationships are becoming more and more complicated and extensive. At the same time, you want to centrally manage permissions and users in all your systems and applications? Sounds complicated, and it is. This is also the reason why IAM projects usually fail.

With the IAM system à la GentlemenGroup, we get it right. Why? We take a pragmatic approach and protect the most important parts first. And we know the problems that arise in IAM projects and have found answers to them.

“IAM projects do not fail, they are too expensive for that … people no longer talk about them.”

Christian, GentlemenGroup

Don't forget the IT department

Inspirations for IAM projects

IAM projects are not usually started from within IT. There are other stakeholders here. The problem is that IT is only neglected in these projects. We do this differently because, coming from service management, we know exactly what IT needs, how we can integrate IAM AND make IT happy in the process.



Best of Breed

Our procedure model

For us, your solution does not lie with just one manufacturer. According to the “best of breed” philosophy, we find the optimal solution package for you and your requirements. To do this, we optimally coordinate the best of each application area for you and integrate everything into your IT infrastructure. We start with the area that causes you the most pain, take an agile approach and keep an eye on the big picture. Best practices and our extensive experience flow into what we do until the digitisation is sufficient. Because digitising everything is not the solution.

„Just because I go to the safe all day and take something out, it’s not an indicator that I’m allowed to do so …“

Christian, GentlemenGroup

Proven collaboration

IAM and the LIGA of Extraordinary Partners

Together with our LIGA partners, we also offer you IAM-related peripheral topics.

  • In the area of Governance, Risk & Compliance, Goriscon offers the appropriate range of services. IAM pays into the risk assessment of a company and the corresponding measures can be perfectly coupled with the activities.
  • With Lomnido’s SIAM Broker, service integration is done quickly and securely. This way, the different ticket systems of all service partners of a company can be connected with each other.
  • The whoosh Oktopus from freedom manufaktur is the ideal addition to quickly link many systems to the IAM.

All these companies have been working hand in hand with us for years to provide the best possible solution for our customers in a short time. Uncomplicated and efficient.

Use our expertise to give your business a real boost.

Also being successful across processes

Our promise

In every phase of the project, we keep an eye on the big picture. If required, we can also handle service integration with partner companies. We can also incorporate necessary ESM processes  for better internal service delivery.

Our integration team takes care of connecting the IAM functionality to the systems to be managed, if our standards do not yet allow it.