IAM Consulting

Protect the really important things. With increasing digitalisation, the management of user accounts, authorisations and accesses is becoming more and more elementary. However, the simple introduction of an appropriate tool is rarely enough.

Much more exciting and, above all, important is the necessary change in the company processes and the networking of the respective software solution into the existing company landscape.
With our well-founded consulting product, we create a bridge between the actual need and the successful solution – always with a focus on the customer-specific pain points and a sensible, by no means all-encompassing digitisation and automation of the processes.

Each company is unique

We will work out your path together






A known risk is a calculable risk

IAM by GentlemenGroup

We know our craft – listening, asking, categorising, prioritising, tackling.
We don’t try to convince you of the supposed 100% solution that we have mastered, but encourage you to have the courage to take gaps. The focus is on protecting the delicate and critical points and knowing all open flanks. Together we create YOUR solution using our best practices.

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We for you

„All requests and projects were always underpinned with good ideas and concepts. The fast, uncomplicated and direct cooperation with the developers deserves special mention … that’s not standard these days!“

IT project manager, Energy supply company

Fast and focused

IAM with a good feeling

Harmony and order for the most important systems, data and authorisations

Everything critical and delicate is protected

Quick entry into the things that hurt the most

The project is ready when it is enough for you.