Integration Services

In order for processes to be connected and data to be exchanged, “bridges” are necessary. These interfaces are immensely important so that everything can and does work together properly.

With our Integration Services, we offer you extensive interface know-how. With tools such as whoosh Oktopus or SIAM Broker, we create the right connections in practice so that the data in your project flows correctly.

We don't want to stress about the tools we use

Why do we rely on these tools?

Both are mature software products whose manufacturers focus on quality in addition to essential features. These products offer many advantages: Even after the project, there is always someone available to help. Updates and upgrades are generated that cover current changes to the target systems. And we can quickly and easily carry out the right integration for you in the long term.

We are available to assist you if you need help with the connection of data sources.

The right tool for your purpose

Our procedure for your success

Each company is individual with its requirements and therefore does not fit into a rigid scheme. We respond to this with our flexibility and adapt to your structures and requirements. With more than 25 years of experience in interfaces and processes, we know the whole picture and the right solution for you. Whether it becomes complex or remains manageable – we look at which steps and measures are easy to implement and quickly deliver a result. In doing so, we tackle what is most important.

By the way: Integration Services can be added to any project on request. We will be happy to advise you!

Integration Services

Your benefits





Integration and the LIGA of Extraordinary Partners

Together we are strong

Our league partners have one interest: they simply don’t want to be called because of their solution. That’s why they produce high quality. That pays off for everyone in the long run. For us, for you and for our partner.

We already have a friendly relationship with the product management and development here, so we can also ensure quick product features. Even if that doesn’t always work out, it can be a powerful acceleration factor.