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You want to fill a Word template from a database, then convert it into a PDF, zip it and send it by e-mail? With Oktopus it’s easy.

Connect your ESM to systems that pump data into your system, also for bidirectional matching of information. Or connect a mailbox to a database to automatically store new e-mail information.

The IT systems are connected via intuitive configuration using a NoCode/LoCode interface. whoosh Oktopus runs on a Windows server on premise in the company’s own network or in the cloud. The solution ensures that data is exchanged securely between IT systems. Even trigger-based workflows can be easily created, while whoosh Oktopus takes care of the rest of the data exchange.

What whoosh Oktopus can’t do is only in your head. The rest is done by the colleagues from freedom manufaktur.

The octopus has many arms

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Connecting systems cleverly and simply

whoosh Oktopus & GentlemenGroup

With whoosh Oktopus we can offer our customers a unique service. We connect the systems at a fixed price and do this more efficiently than with the means of other tools. Whether connecting the CTI with the ticket system, an automated reconciliation of development databases with the helpdesk or the convenient appointment setting with technicians in Outlook – our customers receive a product and not a configuration.

„We are always at our customers’ side. This ensures that even after upgrading a target system, support and know-how are available and someone is there who knows how to do it.“