DiConsus GmbH has been helping customers to digitalise workflows, introduce innovative technologies and make internal processes more efficient and effective since 2017.

Digitalisation and automation play an important role, as does the security of the respective company. Customers can rely on DiConsus to implement the entire value chain, from project management with planning and coordination to consulting with analysis of the requirements and development of the solution. Constant contact persons in the respective projects are a matter of course for us.
ServiceNow® is a valuable part of our day-to-day business. A very popular, versatile and expandable technology platform that grows with the company, is adaptable and can even be innovatively designed for the future. It offers companies a major advantage in the market.
Respectful and appreciative cooperation is very important to us. Our focus is on making the GOOD even BETTER. In the field of IT services, we give our all every day to successfully implement our customers’ projects. We achieve this by having fun at work and providing that little bit more reliability and quality.

Making good things even better

What we appreciate about DiConsus

Our colleagues and friends at DiConsus are characterized by the fact that, despite the fact that we would not accept the manufacturer they work with as a partner, they are more than just a good partner for us. This ability has led us to include DiConsus as a founding member of the LIGA of exceptional partners. PS: Please stay just as exceptional.

“Heartfelt plain speaking paired with good humor and great values brings us the project success that we like to celebrate together.”

Timo Büchner, Managing Director DiConsus GmbH

How you benefit from our partnership

Digitalisation, automation and security

You are trying to understand if ServiceNow is an alternative for you or if the chosen license model on the platform is the best for you. In this case, you can rely on DiConsus to provide you with truthful best practices according to our values, which can be explained to you in a well-founded way. And if they suggest something to you, they will reliably implement it with you!