freedom manufaktur

Finally working with professionals! That’s what freedom manufaktur writes on their website. And it’s true – they do what they say they do.

As a company, freedom manufaktur offers software products for good business. Their solutions are stable and secure. That’s no wonder, because they come from the compliance and security corner. Many of them played a significant role in the development of 8MAN (now ARM by solarwinds). Their honesty, clear view and direct approach ensure that they are increasingly booked as coaches or mentors.

solutions that really get our customers ahead

What we value about freedom manufaktur

With freedom manufaktur, we act more or less like brothers and sisters. Their technical expertise and product know-how has already provided us with good solutions in several customer situations in the past. Since we share very similar values and they live these values just like the GentlemenGroup, we can rely on each other. It’s a case of promised is almost done and it comes in good quality. With their approach of always delivering a product, they ensure the necessary quality and long-lasting availability of their solutions. This helps us as a reliable partner to maintain a firm, better and more enjoyable customer relationship. At the end of the day, it is a win-win-win situation for all parties involved and that is what matters. We want our clients to get solutions through us that really move them forward.

Is like this!

„Reliability and competence are the things we can count on in our cooperation with the GentlemenGroup. This facilitates the cooperation and the associated communication enormously.“

René Vierkorn, freedom manufaktur

Knowing what counts

How you benefit from our partnership

Cooperating with freedom manufaktur means that you don’t just get a solution programmed and then the partner is gone. Instead, as a customer, you receive products with very high standards that meet the needs of professional business. With IT security and compliance in its DNA, freedom manufaktur knows what is important. Traceability, auditability and other requirements for software in the business environment are simply already included here. “That’s how it should be,” says Christian Zander, CEO of freedom.

Sometimes Christian also advises customers not to buy the expensive version and offers cheaper versions when these are actually sufficient. This is only stupid at first glance, because in the long run, this honesty ensures more trust and thus better business on all sides.

„It’s just fun to work with the dedicated people of the GentlemenGroup. If I’m stuck on a problem, I call Mr Style or Mr Black Magic and we find a solution. This kind of communication: familiar, at eye level and solution-oriented is simply perfect.“

Martin Freiwald, freedom manufaktur