LIGA of the extraordinary partners

We are currently 10 IT consulting companies that have decided to jointly create added value for our clients – but also for ourselves personally.

Values are our benchmark

How do you find yourself in virtual and stressful times?

Many of us have been going through business life together for years. During this time, we have experienced a lot. Perhaps that is why we have a very clear view of the “smallest common multiple”: our values. For us, however, our common values are not just a poster hanging on the way to the coffee kitchen. For us, values are the yardstick for our daily actions. Every decision we make must be measured against our shared values. And that is not always easy. Nevertheless, each individual personally and each individual company in the LIGA network has committed itself to precisely this.

As human beings, we like to spend time together and use this valuable asset to support, promote and develop each other. In doing so, the “we” always comes before the “I” – and that is what we radiate.

A sustainable digitalisation of processes on the ITIL standard with BPMN is a highlight in the German market segment.

David, Member of GentlemenGroup

Creating added value for customers

What is the LIGA doing in terms of content?

On the one hand, we cover a multitude of topics in the network that a single company would not be able to serve. From tool selection, process consulting, the introduction and support of technical solutions to all-round carefree operation: LIGA finds an answer. And without large group structures or half-finished knowledge, because the specialisation of the individual companies always ensures focus. Should we not have an immediate answer within the group, we also stand by it: Consulting comes before selling. However, you can be sure that we will not be satisfied and will look for a solution for you. Because our claim is to always find a comprehensive answer to YOUR problem solution – no matter who has the best approach!

If you are looking for someone who has the ambition to understand and solve YOU and YOUR problem – then talk to us. No matter who you ask from the LIGA – you ask everyone for advice. That’s what we stand for and that’s how we act. For YOU.