“Making work digital” – SYON is a growing, young company from Zurich and uses digitalisation every day to enable people and organizations to create results that add value.

Her focus is on supporting Swiss entrepreneurs in the areas of digital adaptation, enterprise service management and the development of IT strategies and IT architectures. Their vision is to make work digital and their values such as openness, honesty, passion and digital support are at the center.

SYON is committed to helping companies transform work environments and implement modern IT solutions. They offer consulting services to improve an organization’s efficiency, productivity and collaboration. In addition, they support the implementation of Enterprise Service Management to optimize customer service and make IT processes more effective.

With a focus on digitalisation and their values, SYON strives to provide tailored solutions and support to all customers.

Digitalisation with added value and humanity

What we appreciate about SYON

SYON impresses with its friendly, open and direct manner and is a role model for companies that want to successfully organize cross-border cooperation in projects. The partnership is characterized by competence and humanity – a combination that cannot be taken for granted and is all the more enjoyable when you have found it. Thank you to the entire SYON team for being such a reliable partner!

“We love digital and thrive on active co-determination, diversity, mutual enrichment and meeting at eye level.”

Fabio Sestito, Senior Partner, SYON

How you benefit from our partnership

Customized digitalisation

The partnership with SYON offers clients access to comprehensive and perfectly complementary knowledge from 60 highly qualified consultants in the areas of expertise of SYON and GentlemenGroup. The client can therefore benefit from a broad range of specialist knowledge and expertise based on the consultants’ many years of experience and in-depth know-how.