By sharing knowledge, projects can be successfully implemented together. I love coaching and enabling others to actively and productively make a difference”.

Thomas could use the line “Bochum, ich häng an dir” (Bochum, I’m attached to you) from the famous Grönemeyer song to describe his love and loyalty to his home town. As a total action fan, he has a clear life principle: I work to live. Great wealth is not important to him, as long as he has a good living to be able to afford a small house and feed a family someday. He wants to enjoy life, here and now.

Thomas loves the mountains, the sea, adventure and speed. It doesn’t matter whether he’s in a car, on a motorbike or a bicycle. The main thing is action. So there’s no question that as a passionate mountain biker, his heart beats for downhill, freeride, dirt jump and enduro. In general, cycling is an important constant in his life, where he can forget everything around him.

As a typical twin, he doesn’t cope well with boredom. He needs freedom and doesn’t like to be dictated to in any way. Injustice is anathema to him. Even though his circle of friends has always called him a nerd, Thomas, a cat lover, sees himself as an affable person who needs other people and quickly makes friends.

What fascinates him about his job is the phenomenon of IT, of being able to achieve limitless things when computers are fed with ideas.

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