Events, events, events. That’s his thing and you will have a lot of fun with him if you accompany us. Alex bubbles over with joy and inspires through this and through his dynamism.

Born in Hessen and raised by the sea on Fehmarn, Alex now lives in Berlin-Kreuzberg with a threefold sense of home. He has been used to travelling since early childhood. He can also live out this travel bug in his work as an event manager, even though it is precisely the mixture of being on the road and office work that does it for him.

Alex likes to be in a good mood and sees himself as a life-affirming and optimistic person who has made it his goal to give people happiness and unforgettable moments with an event. Not only in his job, but generally in every phase of life, he tries to see things optimistically. The diversity of his work, a wide range of topics and getting to know many different people with very different facets enrich him in what he does. However, Alex has nothing to do with toxic behaviour and quarrels.

If he is not on the road professionally, he is in his free time, because travelling is a great passion of his. Alex loves to gather new impressions and inspirations, which pays into his personal life happiness account. He collects more happiness points by playing table tennis, cooking and playing games of all kinds.

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