Andre is convinced that happiness is an ongoing process. At the moment, the Frankfurt native is working on his first happiness level and is already excited about what will come after that. It is not only in his private life that he has always been excited by new things. So it’s not surprising that he chose IT as his field of work, because here he always has his finger on the pulse. It is important for him to have time for other things besides work. And he uses this time for a variety of passions such as gambling, reading, playing chess, going hiking with friends or cooking.

Andre is a freedom-loving person who considers rules necessary so that freedom can work within their framework. He would like to live out this love of freedom in the animal kingdom as a bird of prey. He describes himself as an open and warm-hearted guy with a little bit of narrow-mindedness, but who can be a good conversational partner. He is a real control freak when he needs to get out of the house. Technology that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to does drives him up the wall.

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