The creative genius in the team. When he says “it can’t be done”, it is actually always true. When it comes to “stretching the solution” in terms of what is feasible, there is no better sparring partner.

Andreas definitely cannot be accused of immobility, because he has moved almost 24 times in his life. Born under the Chinese star sign of Tiger, he actually recognises one or the other of the traits attributed to him. As a bundle of energy, he faces every challenge with great enthusiasm and maximum optimism. He is enthusiastic and sometimes even surprised when things go really well. But it totally annoys him when they don’t unnecessarily. When things go wrong because no one wants to take responsibility or think. To change that is his great desire.

It makes him happy when he can address and eliminate a concrete problem that is often not even perceived as such. Making people aware of these processes and moving forward together with them makes him feel good.

True to the motto “dogs are better people”, Andreas is more or less half a dog. In his childhood, he often rested in a basket together with the family dogs. Today, instead of the dog basket, the bathtub at home is available for relaxation. For he compares the challenges of everyday life with doing absolutely nothing to relax and recharge his batteries.

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