Anne is on fire for project management. Planning, organising, connecting people and creating spaces so that the experts can creatively and quickly create solutions according to the needs of the customers, that makes Anne’s eyes shine.

Born as a proud February fish in southern Brandenburg, Anne has chosen the Rhine-Main area as her new home for several years now. She lives here near Frankfurt with her family. She loves spending time in nature, whether alone or with her children.

Anne carries the sun in her heart because she is an all-round positive person who loves to laugh. It is important to her to be happy and at peace with herself. A wish that already manifested itself in the eyelash-blowing ritual with her mum and still applies today. Her focus is still on doing well for herself, her family and her fellow human beings. Anne is committed to this with all her joie de vivre. Of course, this joy also influences her work, because it is the only way she can be constructive and make her contribution to the greater good. People who do not believe in the good, think negatively and are unfair are an absolute no-go for Anne.

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