The communicative bundle of energy Anne lives up to her star sign Virgo, because she describes herself as very perfectionistic and super tidy with a good dash of neatness. With her strong caring gene and great reliability, she sometimes even puts the needs of others before her own.

Her goal is to achieve a good work-life balance in the next few years in order to have a “harmonious” career. She loves her current working environment, where she feels in good hands and her colleagues are all pleasantly relaxed despite the stress.

Time with her family is important to her. But her hobbies should also continue to have a firm place in her life. Anne is passionate about baking, especially themed cakes (maybe a Star Wars cake?) and is a passionate Marvel fan.

As a summer type, she loves the sun and the sea, but not so much the mountains. If she could be an animal, she would like to be a bird, to be able to breathe deeply and enjoy the feeling of freedom and the view of everything from above.

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