Ben loves being there for others. He likes to structure processes and projects – and when professionalism and technology fit together, he develops joy.

With his extreme penchant for systematics, Ben is not really a typical twin. His fellow men need a good dose of tolerance when things on his desk are not arranged in the usual way or the dishwasher is put away the wrong way again. Nevertheless, Ben trusts his star sign, as it illustrates the two faces he sometimes shows. As a pragmatist, he lives in the here and now and does not pursue a grand vision. But it is immensely important to him that his family can live happily and carefree. Once you have won Ben’s heart, he is 100 percent loyal.

In his job, he loves the rational. He likes it when things fit together, are coherent and add value. Numbers inspire him across the board. It makes him happy when he can achieve great added value in routine tasks with simple means. Typical Gemini, he is temperamental and dynamic with a slight tendency to impatience. So it’s not surprising that he can’t stand inefficiency at all.

In his limited free time, Ben tries to spend as much quality time as possible with his family. Deliberate cool-down phases to recharge his batteries.

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