“May I test something? During and even after developments, quality assurance is crucial. From requirement to acceptance, I am there for our customers.”

People are at the centre of Benjamin’s life. As a positive-spirited person, he loves being together and communicating with people. In his private life, this shows through social activities such as festivals or parties that he likes to attend. Approaching people and hearing more than just small talk from them is his elixir of life. In a professional environment, he gets excited when he can explain and help customers or colleagues to make things work and move forward with their job or activity. However, he considers conversations that go round in circles and don’t really get anywhere a waste of time. Enjoying life at the expense of others is something he absolutely cannot imagine.

He is still working on the definition of the Big Five of his life. In any case, starting a family will be one of them in due course. In his free time, Benjamin likes to be active in sports. But he also finds it relaxing to listen to or produce music with friends or simply to stay tuned to a series.

The Aries-born Benjamin has often experienced for himself that there is perhaps more to the sign of the zodiac than some people think. Benjamin is convinced that certain zodiac signs have things in common and get along well with each other – or not. As an animal, he would like to dash through life – like his Chinese zodiac sign Rabbit. Benjamin thinks it’s great to be agile and to move quickly.

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