Carsten Christoph, affectionately called CC by his family, has a good shot of salt water in his blood. Inspired by the film and book “Das Boot”, he sailed on various submarines for many years and became a real connoisseur of the scene.

For his son, Carsten wants to be an interesting father who does things that no one else does. His biggest dream is to have an outdoor kitchen as close to the beach as possible (so that the fish is fresh), because he is passionate about cooking and often does it for people he likes. Especially as a talker, it is important for him to be with people often so that he can talk about what he is thinking about. Anyone who knows Carsten knows that he loves to hear himself talk, has to improve things – and finishes every sentence like a real hamburger, ne? He sees himself as a tall, blond guy who knows a little bit about everything but nothing really, is hard to get out of his head and wants to be liked.

He loves working together in a team, the energy that arises when everything meshes and you pass the balls to each other. Experiencing this flow is downright contagious for him. Carsten, however, doesn’t like it when people underestimate him. If he is to be screwed, then please do it intelligently and directly. Does this perhaps also fit in with his desire to be a grizzly bear in an American national park?

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