The Marketing Lady. “It won’t be long before she’s running the show on her own,” Christian rejoices. As the cell core of the Marketing Minions, Celina is the communication hub. She organises and takes care of all kinds of marketing issues.

As a real horse girl, Celina surprises us with her desire to be a mighty eagle in the animal kingdom, soaring above everything. Nevertheless, her love of horses determines her life away from the daily routine at work. The large, calm animals with their clear body language have taken a liking to her. It is only logical that her lifelong dream is to have a property where she can keep her own horse. Until that time comes, she spends every free minute in the riding stable, without forgetting friends or even her family.

The directness and calmness that Celina loves so much about horses can also be transferred to her entire life and activities. She doesn’t like stress without a reason. True to the motto “Change something, but stop complaining”, Celina deals directly with people who do not tackle their problems. She accepts that this does not always make her popular. In general, she loves working independently and is proud when the results are recognised. But she also likes working in a team where everyone supports each other. Togetherness is important to her. She enjoys things that are fun for her – whether at work or in her free time.

+49 (151) 150 739 31  |  celina@gentlemengroup.de