New requirement? In a team or on my own, I develop and implement the right solution.

Christian sees himself as a quiet, reserved type. He rather relies on contact with individuals, because he doesn’t feel like a group person. Being able to fly like a hawk and perceive and see even the smallest things from a great height would be exactly Christian’s thing.

Spain is not only a destination that appeals to him. Influenced by many visits in this country, he loves Latin American food, albeit in the less spicy form. He is convinced that he has THE recipe for guacamole. Besides collecting men’s fragrances, he has recently discovered boxing as a hobby.

In his current phase of life, the focus is on learning – and not only on the job. Christian’s goal is to successfully complete his business informatics studies with a Master’s degree. Individual knowledge is important, but teamwork is even more important. It is indispensable that the team members talk to each other so that everything runs smoothly. Because he feels that good communication is a key element in a company to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

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