OK, as a virgin by birth, Christian definitely doesn’t believe in zodiac signs. All Gentle(wo)men know that by now. Christian can proudly say: With the GentlemenGroup he is currently living his dream. Unleashing people and shaping growth are his great passions. And it makes him happy when he can help people. The fact that he has decided for himself to do just that makes him incredibly happy.

His great love of freedom (Christian was born in Berlin) is also expressed in his favourite animal, the dolphin. This animal unites so many things that Christian appreciates. Enjoying being and doing, living in a group with great people.

Can you call it a quirk that Christian doesn’t have an intimate relationship with a hairdresser? But that doesn’t detract from the fact that he is happy to be seen every day. He simply feels comfortable in his own skin. And if he had the choice, he would also like to be with himself. Christian is a big fan of puns and loves days when he is well and has a little time to enjoy what is there. He can’t stand bipeds who don’t do what they say they’ll do. Neither does food that has less than 2 legs and more than 4.

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