Christina – she prefers the short form Tina as a form of address – sees herself as a living mosaic, made of many stones that have different colours and sizes, look very different and are always in motion.
She is a versatile person and very agile in her free time. Whether it’s table football, learning Finnish, role-playing games or art exhibitions and much more – Tina is into it.

She especially loves to let off steam creatively and express herself artistically. And there are almost no limits to her activities, as she regularly writes poems and texts, paints, takes photographs and makes pottery from time to time. She would like to be able to make music herself someday, but that is in no hurry and until then she simply listens to all kinds of music (except pop songs), sings along wryly and loves to dance to it.

Tina lives completely in the now and tries to get the best out of every day. Accordingly, she doesn’t have THE one big dream. Of course she works towards one or the other. But if it doesn’t work out, it was at least an experience for her, because her motto is: “I grow a little bit every day”.

Tina loves dealing with people and enjoys working with others. Encouraging them and giving them a chance to grow is just great for her. However, as a very positive person, Tina doesn’t like people who only complain but don’t do anything about their situation in the long term. In general, Tina likes to have everything in view and under control. That’s why she never sits with her back to the door.

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