Christopher’s mission is to develop and promote the strengths of customers, employees, ideas and technologies. You can call him a salesman, a solution architect or an influencer. But at heart, he will always make everything possible for his team and the projects – performance out of enthusiasm and conviction.

Unlike most people, Christopher’s transitions between work and leisure are fluid. Since he wants to experience as much joy as possible at work, he only does things that bring him joy.

If he has a goal in mind, he stands behind it as a whole person and does everything he can to achieve it.

Having grown up in a society with many advantages, he feels a certain obligation towards other people. Therefore, he would like to contribute to the common good and make a positive impact on the planet with his own possibilities and abilities. And he does this with things that he enjoys. Seeing people as equals and dealing with them accordingly is something he stands for. He also tries to bring this closer to his environment in order to make the world a better place.

He is thrilled when he can solve problems together with sympathetic people. Always looking ahead, because for him standing still means pain. To ground himself and pause, Christopher likes to be in nature. If he could be an animal, he would like to be an alpha lion, matching his star sign.

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