As an ITIL trainer and project manager, I am involved right from the start in turning our project into action in a structured and successful way.

Can an Aquarius be a perfectionist? For Claudio, the answer is clearly yes. Because he wants to do everything one hundred percent. Half-measures are not his thing. As a native of Frankfurt, he is loyal to the region. He has therefore thrown his earlier plans to emigrate and work abroad overboard.

New clients and changing teams always require great adaptability, not only in terms of content. That’s why Claudio is always thrilled in his work to meet new people, to deal with them and to work together.

Away from work, his children inspire him to do unusual activities. For example, he has rediscovered skateboarding for himself. While he used to be very fond of sports, he is now more passionate about enjoyable bike rides and relaxing hours in the sun. Since he likes cats, he would rather slip into the role of a tiger. If he could immerse himself in the world of fantasy, he would like to be a sublime dragon or an ever-reborn Phoenix.

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