With a passion for the product, I have built up the partnership and filled it with life. In projects, I am your review partner and provide support in the long-term strategic alignment in the Enterprise Service Management product segment.

As a firefighter with a strong sense of home, he shouldn’t really be that enthusiastic about lighting the fire. But when it comes to providing the “aha” moment in a client’s problem, David is on fire. In projects, he sees himself as a conductor who steers, directs and coordinates, but who also shapes things with a lot of creativity. It is important for him to leave his own “signature” in the projects.

While he used to be very active in sports with martial arts and as an ambitious bowling player, his family and the local fire brigade now occupy a fixed place in his free time. Professionally and privately, it is extremely important for David to follow through with a plan and bring things to a successful conclusion. Giving up halfway is not an option for him.

With the composure and calmness of a sloth (David loves to sleep!), he would like to see everyone doing well and having little to worry about. Although this may be a little unrealistic, it shows that David is a calm, sociable person who cares about everyone’s wellbeing.

+49 (151) 150 739 39  |  david@gentlemengroup.de