I build any USU infrastructure and always have an ace up my sleeve when it comes to customisations.

I am living my dream. What is still a wish for many is already reality for Dietrich. As a true family man, his family life comes first. Starting a family and thus fulfilling his life goals simply make him happy. So it’s no surprise that he draws strength for everyday life from joint activities such as cycling tours. But gambling with colleagues and friends as well as football (unfortunately no longer active) are also much-loved leisure activities, which have unfortunately been a bit neglected lately.

As a calm and relaxed person, he likes things to be harmonious. Dietrich likes things to be well thought out and straightforward. Since he can organise himself well, he enjoys his professional freedom. If he could, he would like to be an eagle, which symbolises freedom for him with its imposing appearance. But perhaps it is the view of things from above that makes him so attractive.

Dietrich loves the versatility of his job. Achieving something to be proud of drives him. However, he does not like unhealthy stress. Neither does dishonesty, by the way.

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