Frederik is a perfectionist. He always wants to achieve 100% clean solutions and document them in a way that others can understand. He also likes to find solutions at night where there are actually none – and if necessary, for the good of the UX, even sometimes bypassing the tool.

You could say Frederik has made the Pareto principle his goal in life. As an anti-stress type, he wants to get the best out of things by working effectively. In doing so, he likes to identify himself with a fox who cunningly exhausts all possibilities.

The native of Lower Saxony stands behind everything he does with full motivation, passion and fighting spirit. For him, success means creating something that excites the customer. He loves it when something moves forward and comes together as a result. However, his ambition and assertiveness are not only required professionally. As a volleyball player, these traits come into play just as much as behind the camera or as a gamer.

Frederik does not like people who are unreliable and dishonest. With his carefree manner, he always manages to make people laugh – a quality that has loosened the atmosphere in many a customer meeting.

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