Fredrik is a project manager all-rounder: from conception and (active!) management of customer requirements to planning, testing and handover – if you give Fredrik a topic, it runs.

Whereas the jack-of-all-trades Fredrik used to get involved in projects more like a juggler, today he strives for a focused use of his diverse talents and skills. Clients and colleagues appreciate his quiet and introverted manner and his technically sound basis. No wonder he can easily imagine himself as an owl, slyly and quietly enjoying his existence and, on closer inspection, scoring points with absolute reliability.

Although he was born under the sign of Leo, he should actually be a Virgo with his love of order and accuracy. At the same time, he hates it when things have to be done twice or when his time is wasted due to inefficient procedures. These virtues are not limited to his profession. Together with his son, Fredrik has developed a special hobby and pursued it with professionalism. Historic aircraft have flown their way into the hearts of the two men, which are now captured on video and offered to various buyers.

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