No concept is foreign to me. Thanks to my in-depth and also technical experience, I have the ability to quickly understand complex factual processes.

With his passion for the Middle Ages, Gabriel likes to transport himself to distant times. His enthusiasm for the way of life back then gives him strength for today’s mostly rather hectic everyday life. Perhaps that is also the reason why Gabriel today loves life in his rather rural region rather than realising his earlier wish and moving to the city.

The birth of his first child was a turning point in Gabriel’s life. It changed a lot, not only in his daily activities. His son has brought him a goal: Gabriel wants to be a role model and, if possible, leave a better world for his son. He also wants a good and fulfilling job that gives him strength to balance work and family.

Gabriel loves working with many different people. He appreciates honest and open communication and sincere interaction where no one has to pretend. The versatility in his job, which is sometimes also very demanding, inspires him day after day. With his quiet nature, Gabriel is a rather reserved person who would sometimes benefit from a shot of offence. In the animal kingdom, he would love to enjoy freedom as a bird and go beyond the boundaries, always knowing where his home is.

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