As an apprentice, Gideon is still at the very beginning of his professional career. But he is already infected by the digitalisation virus. He wants to make people’s lives easier by automating work steps, no matter how small, that would otherwise have to be done manually.

Gideon likes to get to the bottom of things. Understanding the opinion or attitude of others is important to him, even if he may sometimes annoy his interlocutors with it. The desire to question things also helps him in his work, of course.

He relies on genuine friendship, where you go through thick and thin together. Loyalty is extremely important to him in his dealings with others – whether at work or in his private life. With intensive weight training and gambling on all kinds of games, he sets a counterpoint to his professional training. In the animal kingdom, Gideon would like to be a cat, who is so wonderfully independent and just does his thing.

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