While many people attach happiness to material things, for Henrik it is a feeling. And his dream is to be happy and to stay happy. For him, happiness can mean anything – a little thing in everyday life or the achievement of a big goal. That’s why he wishes to be able to positively influence as many people as possible in this sense.

As a rather thoughtful type, he appreciates working with people and different characters, because this is where he can play to his great strength: bringing a team together and being the mediator in difficulties that inevitably arise when people meet. He loves to solve problems and help others to develop. However, with a great disposition towards altruism, he has to take care of himself in the process. Henrik doesn’t like it at all when people deliberately do bad things to other people and don’t value each other.

Nature gives Henrik strength for everyday life. He likes to hike and enjoys being there. He also has a soft spot for architecture. It is ideal if he can combine both in his activities.

If he were allowed to slip into the skin of an animal, he would choose humans, which in turn raises the question: do humans count as animals? Nevertheless, humans have the most complex social structures for Henrik.And in interaction with others, one can in turn influence others best – in a positive sense, of course.

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