Hung sees himself as a relaxed, slightly introverted person who is happy when he can do his tasks independently without having to rely on others. Having to deal with many strangers is not really his thing. Nevertheless, he is convinced that with the charisma of a leader he can lead and encourage others well in order to achieve a common goal. In this respect, he can identify well with an alpha wolf who has the backing of the group, but who has to manage on his own without any support when it counts.

Hung loves to have his peace and quiet, but also likes to meet up with his friends. In his free time, he likes to watch anime series of different genres or play story or competitive games.

One of Hung’s big wishes is to go travelling to experience his top travel destinations Japan, South Korea and the USA live with their culture, food and architecture.

For Hung, it is important that things around him have a certain order and he always makes sure that this is the case. And no, he is not a Monk.

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