He always helps you and has a very wide range of knowledge. So far, there hasn’t been a client who wouldn’t want to work with him again.

Professionally and privately, Immanuel is the enabler. Because he has an incredible amount of fun giving people the opportunity to be able to do certain things on their own. He supports them by passing on methods, knowledge and experience. When the other person then integrates these things into their own life and becomes more independent as a result, that makes him happy.

As a rather reserved person in the beginning, he finds it great when he is thrown in at the deep end on the job. He faces the resulting challenges with all his passion and enjoys growing beyond himself in the process. He also likes to take advantage of the opportunity to do his own thing.

As the basis of all his activities, Immanuel attaches great importance to harmonious cooperation. In an environment where such a principle is lived, he feels most comfortable and productive. For him, sincerity, empathy and sensitivity are the keys to success. In addition to his professional and church commitments, he loves to tinker and play with technical things and devices in his free time. Everything is very often accompanied by good music, which has been an important part of his life since childhood. This and the handicraft and playful counterbalance to his otherwise top-heavy activity gives Immanuel an important balance.

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