Videos and photos are his thing. As a professional video person, he brings the skills we need. Jan doesn’t talk for long. Let’s go, go and attack.

As a rather cautious type, Jan likes to approach things slowly and first has to warm up to people and situations. This gives him time to observe, structure and only then act. Structure and order are important to him not only as a man for moving and static images at his workplace. For Jan, everything must have its place. And the fact that he completely cleans out the dishwasher before he starts, in order to make the most of it, is sure to elicit a grin and a murmur from one or two of his fellow human beings. As a native of the coast, Jan loves the water and spends as much time as possible doing water sports. Here he can shake off the daily grind and get back to basics.

Jan dreams the dream that many dream – a house with a large garden for his children to romp and play in. That’s how he experienced it in his own childhood with his grandfather. But his father and grandfather have not only given him dreams, but also manual skills. Jan likes to tinker and repair and also builds furniture himself. The feeling of having something in his hands at the end that he has created himself makes him happy.

In his work, it is the appreciation of what he does that drives him. When he sees the joy on people’s faces when he presents photos and videos, he knows he has done everything right. If he could be an animal, he would gladly swap his view through the camera viewfinder with a flying creature that has a better view from afar. Enjoying the feeling of freedom while doing so would be the icing on the cake.

+49 (151) 150 73 98  |  jan@gentlemengroup.de