Agile or iterative development. It doesn’t really matter to me – the main thing is to work together! By the way: I have expertise in the USU Orchestra.

Jannik has fulfilled what many boys dream of in their childhood. He has become a firefighter. As a member of the volunteer fire brigade, the team concept is particularly important to him. The togetherness in a group in which everyone pursues a common goal has always had its appeal for him – whether in his volleyball team or when playing drums in his own band.

This team spirit has naturally carried over into his professional life. It excites him to create something together that will be used by many people for years to come. His thirst for knowledge about how people think and work is a great help to him. Doing justice to his own standards means a lot to him. And it annoys him just as much when that is not the case.

To be able to fly like a bird and have a limitless view over everything – that would be a dream for Jannik. Just like always being able to do what he enjoys. For him, happiness means being able to live life as relaxed as he wants, whereby wealth does not necessarily play a role.

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