Takes care of our trainees and the further training of our committed staff, because personnel is her topic when she is not checking in the G25 to see if everything is good.

The incredible vastness and pure nature that Jennifer was able to experience and enjoy during her time in the USA, Canada and Australia have left their mark on her. Even though it is not really comparable, she tries to transfer this feeling of life to her life in Germany. So in future she will live on her own small farm together with her family. Her love of nature is also reflected in her great commitment to animal welfare; she has been an active volunteer at the animal shelter for many years. Rescuing farm animals is also very close to her heart. And so former laying hens and non-standard bantams find a new home with her.

Jennifer particularly appreciates working with positive people. Interacting with people who think alike, learning from each other and working together on a project are things that excite Jennifer in her work.

In her free time, Jennifer is very active with yoga and show dancing. She can switch off well and enjoy nature while SUPing. Her special preference for Spaghetti No.5 (no other noodles work at all) and her quirk of always having to eat with uniform cutlery round off Jennifer’s creative nature. No matter what she does, she brings a great deal of passion to it and tries to see the positive in every situation.

If she could be an animal, she would love to be a wombat, her favourite Australian animal with which she can completely identify.

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