Mass with class and that in every project situation makes me a very special employee. A guarantor of success with vision.

Jens is a real family man. He loves playing with his children and having fun with the family. For him, that is the epitome of happiness. Jens lives out the typical children’s dream of being a “firefighter” in his free time, as he is a volunteer with the volunteer fire brigade. Together with his wife, he founded the children’s fire brigade in Seligenstadt – a real project of the heart for both of them.

Besides his weakness for jelly bears and absolute punctuality, his heart beats outside of work for board games and activities with friends. Because he has only limited enthusiasm for paperwork, he loves independent digital work. Nevertheless, he absolutely cannot do without communication with colleagues and customers.

Jens sees himself as a bit of a control freak who does more than a double check when he travels or even sends an email. As a rather cautious and reserved person in the beginning, it is a horror to him when he is lied to or treated badly. In the animal kingdom, he would like to be a lion cub, a good mix of a squirrel (they are so wonderfully flexible) and a lion, which he admires for its strong protective instinct.

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