A fairly down-to-earth person, Jens loves the region of his native city of Aachen, where he grew up and still lives today. He enjoys being close to his family and friends. A dream would be to have his own house there. According to his star sign Pisces, he is said to be emotional, dreamy and thoughtful. But Jens can also show another side of himself when he is adventurous. From time to time he also practices putting his foot in his mouth. That’s why he sees himself as a somewhat cerebral, friendly klutz who usually wants to please others.

It gives him great pleasure in his job when his actions result in his environment being satisfied and people smiling. It is precisely the interpersonal aspect that delights him. Arrogant and stuck-up people, however, are a horror to him.

Away from work, he likes to get on his mountain bike with his wife, no matter what the weather. He enjoys the tours, which mostly lead through the forest, but his heart also beats for downhill rides. In addition to his sporting commitments, he is a fairly diligent attendee of punk rock and heavy metal concerts. His 3 cats give him relaxation and peace. In the animal kingdom, however, he would rather be a squirrel, which doesn’t have much to fear in the forest and whose freedom he appreciates.

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