Even though Jörg is very attached to his home region of Bingen, he likes to go far afield in his free time. Travelling is his passion. He loves faraway destinations like the USA or Australia just as much as he loves touring with his VW bus, which he converted himself. He uses his manual skills to repair things and save them from being thrown away. He particularly appreciates wood as a material. If there is still some time left besides work and family, he uses it to play the electric or acoustic guitar.

A collegial environment in his work is important to Jörg. He feels good when the cooperation is good and people help and support each other. When working solutions are found that he has worked out himself, he is happy.

He certainly has quirks, but to be on the safe side, he leaves it to his wife to name them. Jörg sees himself as a reliable and helpful person who does not shy away from active offers of help. Injustice is a horror to him. Although he does not believe in zodiac signs, he is nevertheless impressed by his zodiac animal Leo, whom he considers generous and who protects his family. He would like to be like that too.

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