Jonas’ absolute strength is dealing with customers. He also understands what the goal is beyond the “classic technician role”, shows ways and creates solutions and direct added value for customers and colleagues.

Both in his private and professional life, Jonas draws his strength from being with other people. It motivates and inspires him when people are convinced of their ideas and pass them on with enthusiasm. As a true team player, he enjoys being in a group – whether with colleagues, customers or friends. Harmonious togetherness is particularly important to Jonas. Because he is convinced: if the harmony is right, you can achieve anything.

Currently, the Offenbach native would like to fulfil his dream of owning his own house. Since he would like to make a difference, he is committed to local political issues. He would also like to pursue this in his new place of residence, which should not be too far from his birthplace. As a down-to-earth person, openness and honesty are particularly important to him. He does not like sneaky, lying people at all.

Jonas recharges his batteries for the daily challenges over good food in convivial company with people he likes. He is not a sporty high-flyer, but he does like to work off his energy with his fitness training.

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