Julian is a super structured thinker who understands complex contexts, prepares them graphically and makes them understandable.

Mental and physical strength play an important role in Julian’s life. As a sports enthusiast and active weightlifter, he has set himself the clear goal of becoming stronger in order to be successful in powerlifting. If he could be an animal, he would like to be a gorilla, which for him is the symbol of intelligence, power and strength. However, with an awareness of his positive and negative qualities, his honesty and directness, he sometimes only wins people over at second glance.

Advancing himself is Julian’s ambition. He loves the freedom to do whatever he feels like. Once he has defined a goal for himself, he does everything he can to achieve it. In his great ambition to improve something, his perfectionism sometimes gives him a leg up. It is not always easy for him to let go of things and projects that, for whatever reason, cannot be optimised.

Julian can’t do anything with inconsistent, aimless people. He simply doesn’t like dishonesty, aggressiveness and having to get up early. Julian sees himself as a home-loving person with a penchant for symmetry and the desire to own his own home.

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