Born and raised in Budapest, Kristóf’s career took him to the south-western corner of Germany. This is also where he lives with his family, who, in addition to his work, play an important role in his life. Spending time together means a lot to him. At the same time, he does everything he can to provide the best possible life for his family.

Kristóf likes to spend a lot of time in nature. While he used to run more through the woods as an 800-metre middle-distance runner, he now passionately loves to jet downhill on his mountain bike.

Overcoming all hurdles in his job and creating great things inspires him anew every day. He likes to be in control of everything and especially enjoys passing on his knowledge to new committed people and fellow campaigners. Kristóf tries to get along well with everyone, because he likes things to be harmonious. It is important to him that people are honest and sincere with him.

Kristóf sees himself as an open person who likes to meet people. With his sometimes reserved nature, it sometimes takes a little time to “warm up” to people. Influenced by his competitive days, he is determined and always gives his best to achieve his goals. At the same time, he always tries to keep a cool head. Like a freedom-loving hawk, he likes to observe things from a bird’s eye view so that he can then act accordingly.

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