With his wish for a non-violent world without terror, Ljubomir lives up to the meaning of his name – love of peace. He also sees in his star sign Libra the power for balance and equilibrium, which enable him to evaluate things in a balanced way whenever it is necessary in life.

As a true pleasure person, Ljubomir appreciates good company, good wine and good food. He loves and enjoys the atmosphere with the people who share this enjoyment with him. In his spare time, he devotes himself to his 11 bonsai trees, which need to be cherished and cared for as a living art. One of his further education projects led him to photography, which enthused him so much that he is even active as a wedding photographer on the side.

Ljubomir finds the possibility of working openly without having to follow predefined structures fascinating, as it is only the result that counts here. Exchanging ideas with colleagues about the faster, better or different way to get there has a special appeal for him.

All his inner calm is put to the test when he steps into a puddle in the bathroom in the morning with fresh socks or once again all the cupboard doors in the room are open, which he of course closes correctly. In the animal kingdom, he would like to be an elephant, perceived as gentle and peaceful, but still able to inspire respect in other animals.

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