Fast, reliable and honest is the credo in project management. With me you get the right “drive” in every project phase and you can feel it.

The changeability of a typical Aquarius can be seen in Maike’s love of travelling and the fact that she has stayed here and there for a while. But she is always drawn back to her original home in Burgstetten. That is where she lives today. Driven by curiosity and the fact that she quickly gets bored with banal things, she likes to seek the extreme in her free time. Whereby the shooting sport, which she loves very much, rather helps her to reconnect and centre herself in hectic times.

What she really appreciates about her work is that she can work with technology and people together. She is enthusiastic about combining the two and making people’s lives easier. In general, Maike is a very cheerful and sociable person who likes to discover new countries and meet new people. But in between, she also likes to be alone with herself and enjoys finding peace in nature.

As a creative free spirit and helpful carer, she attaches great importance to honesty. She dislikes indifference just as much as bad weather. If she were an animal, biologists would (perhaps) be very pleased. She would be a male octopus, a mixture of an octopus, whose adaptability and coordination she finds great, and a meerkat, which she would choose because of its distinctive social characteristics.

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