Respect for the individual, the global community and nature characterise Marcel’s way of thinking and living. “Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you” characterises his desire to make things better or different on our planet. It would be a dream for him if all people would not act against each other but with each other. That way, a lot could be achieved.

Marcel tries to live consciously and in a resource-conserving way and would like to pass these values on to his children. Even though he is not religious, the concept of Christian charity expresses his idea of respectful togetherness. Favour, harmony and honesty characterise his environment.

Nature, and especially spring, give Marcel strength and motivation. He loves the awakening of nature to life and at the same time is enthusiastic about natural spectacles such as thunderstorms. It is not only the planet Earth that fascinates him, because with his telescope he also likes to look at other galaxies.

He loves the great variety and always being challenged to think outside the box in his work. At the same time, Marcel likes to have an overview of things. His penchant for space combined with his desire for freedom also expresses this.

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