Freedom-loving, but still close to home. Marcello, a native of Aquarius, throws himself into life with enthusiasm and drive. He loves everything that is good and cool. In his job, it is important to him not to always do the same thing. Marcello needs variety and loves to adjust to new constellations and challenges again and again. And when everyone involved pulls together to achieve the set goal, Marcello is completely in his element. That’s why he always wants to do what he enjoys professionally. Because then he is fully involved and 100% convinced of what he is doing.

Spending time with his family is just as important to Marcello as regularly meeting his closest friends. This gives him strength for everyday life. If there is any free time left over, he uses it for yoga or badminton as quality time for himself.

He hates it when someone doesn’t keep his word or gets angry about things he can’t change anyway. Marcello sees himself as vain, impatient and slightly chaotic. His fellow human beings appreciate him as an attentive, helpful and forward-looking person. If he lived in the animal kingdom, he would like to be a cat, which he admires for its independence and relaxed attitude.

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