Mario is not only committed to his work, but also to the volunteer fire brigade in his hometown. By looking after the youth fire brigade, he tries to pass on some of his commitment and willingness to help.

While others make long-term plans for their lives, Mario focuses on his life in the here and now. Living the next day happily and having a good time with friends is very important to him. So he always tries to make the best out of the current situation. As a true family man, his family and friends are the centre of attention. He draws strength for his work from being with them.

With regard to his professional work, he is happy when the result achieved together with the client is also appreciated. Looking back, he is proud of what has already changed over time and what has been achieved.

Mario sees himself as an open and honest person. He values reliability and honesty, anything else makes him displeased. Since he would like to be a cosy bear if he had the choice, he would still have to work a little on his sleeping rhythm, which seems a little strange to others.

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