Even at a young age, you can already rest within yourself. And that is indeed the case with Marvin. He has been loyal to his hometown of Castrop-Rauxel since childhood. He looks back happily on his time there and is very satisfied with his overall situation. Marvin is not driven by any great visions. But his goal is to develop in his professional life and to meet as many new people as possible. He has realised that he can use his skills well in sales. Therefore, he is on fire for new contacts and new projects. So every day is exciting for him.

In his free time, he loves making music as techno DJ “Kumani”, DJing in clubs and producing one or two songs himself. He likes to play football, has a passion for American football – and pizza.

Privately as well as professionally, togetherness is the right way for him. That’s why he can’t stand people who present themselves as permanent know-it-alls. He has a penchant for punctuality and expects the same from those around him. Marvin sees himself as a helpful guy with whom you can have a lot of fun, both professionally and in your free time. However, when it comes to his job, he is very focused and concentrated on the issues.

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