#ServiceThought is his idea. He sees where things are left and coordinates what needs to be coordinated. Everywhere and nowhere, Max is there and enlivens our Instagram profile.

Anyone who has ever met Max knows that the term “feel-good representative” applies to him completely. With heart and soul, passion and a good dose of structure, he makes the lives of the people he works with a little easier. His strong communication skills, but also his obsession with order, stand him in good stead. He doesn’t like unfriendliness, bad moods and negative stress at all. That’s why he does everything he can to avoid them.

In general, he would like people to be more open and better with each other and to accept and respect each other as they are. To treat each other better – this is a dream he would like to realise.

When he closes his laptop, he likes to be outside and enjoy nature, preferably in the mountains rather than by the sea. But it can also be the nearest park or lake in the surrounding area of Berlin. He has a real weakness for good food and good red wine. A Cabernet Sauvignon in particular makes his heart beat faster.

Max sees himself as a friendly, interested and open person who has a precise idea of many things, how they have to be and what he doesn’t like. He appreciates a certain amount of planning and order (it’s clear that everything has to be symmetrically arranged and sorted). If he had the choice, he would gladly take on the role of a monkey. With their carefree nature and great freedom, these animals have inspired him since childhood.

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