As a resident soul, Michael loves to help other people, be it as a member of the Stolberg volunteer fire brigade, when someone needs help with a handicraft or just wants to talk. This front-row action contrasts with his work, which is more in the background. Nevertheless, it makes Michael happy when he sees that with his work others can in turn work well and be productive. Michael’s wish would be for life to run smoothly in general, for everyone to get along and for stress, wars and trouble to disappear from the agenda. Logical, because he can’t stand dishonesty and quarrels at all.

Away from work, Michael is a passionate kitesurfer on the Dutch coast, enjoys cycling and is devoted to his dog Buddy. And no, computer games are not part of his leisure activities. Michael sees himself as a friendly, helpful guy with a good dash of impatience, who talks a lot once he has gained trust, but also doesn’t mince his words. And of course, as a dog lover, he would like to be a dog himself, if he could be. Because these four-legged friends can enjoy their lives, know how to defend themselves, but are also loyal souls who can support and help.

+49 (151) 150 73 91  |  michael@gentlemengroup.de